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Diffuze alopecia

Diffusive Alopecia (DA) is characterized in men and women by intensive and uniform falling-out of hair from the whole surface of hair part of head after failure of biological program for growth of hair due to any harmful influences.

Diffusive Alopecia has two forms: telogen and anagen.

In case of the most widespread telogen form up to 80% of hair follicles move to telogen (rest) phase ahead of time in order to “hide” from the unfavorable conditions produced in the body. In this stage separation of hair from its root is occurred and hair is ready to leave the skin within the first possible occasions; washing, combing and etc.

Frequently, hair starts to fall-out in an intensive manner after several weeks or even months from the appearance of the provocative reason that is resulted in alopecia. This is explained by the fact that within the mentioned period recovery of biological program for growth of hair is made and new hair begins to grow from the follicles, from where hair was separated and due to this reason old hair emerges on the surface. Accordingly, falling-out of hair in large number during diffusive alopecia represents a good signal indicating that the reason causing failure of growth of hair have not existed any more and hair follicles have returned to their ordinary life cycle. During this phase of the disease edge of new hair is noticeable along hair line.

Falling-out of hair often occurs from not only head but body either. The intensity of falling-out is slowly decreased and ultimately it is ceased within several weeks or a year after disappearance of provocative reasons producing alopecia.

Telogen form of diffusive alopecia is caused by the following:

  • emotional stress;
  • acute infectious and heavy chronicle diseases, surgical operations;
  • diets accompanied with deficiency of proteins;
  • shortage of some microelements in the body, such as; ferrum, zinc and selenium;
  • hypo and hyper avitaminosis, namely; disorder of vitamin A balance;
  • Frequent and prolonged administration of antibiotics, antidepressant and neuroleptic medicines and anticancer drugs.
  • Prolonged application of hormonal contraceptive means, especially from preceding generation containing increased proportion of hormones;
  • Failure of function of thyroid gland.

Diffuze alopeciaAnagen form of diffusive alopecia is developed due to influence of factors on the body and hair follicles, in particular, stronger and more fast-acting ones and as a result of this hair follicles do not manage to move into rest phase and start to fall-out immediately at anagen (growth) phase in a more intensive manner than it happens in case of telogen form. Such factors are: radioactive radiation, chemotherapy, poisoning by strong toxic substances. In most cases after elimination of provocative reasons producing diffusive alopecia, hair is restored completely and destruction of hair follicles is not occurred. Additional care for hair resulted in growth of more healthy and stronger hair than it was before. Sometimes color and structure of hair is changed (curly hair is altered into straight one and vice versa).

In rare cases chronicle form of diffusive alopecia is developed, the reason of this disease is unknown. It is seen in women aged 30-60, and characterized by reiteration periodically for several years and in the initial stage of this from intensive falling-out of hair is occurred. It does not cause total baldness and is limited with falling-out of hair at certain level.

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