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Patient Response


Hairline International is the best clinic in Georgia. If someone need to do good hair transplantation They must came here. I did my hair transplantation and I hope result will very good. thank You Dear doctors.


Dear Hairline International
I am extremely satisfied with the service you have provided to me. The Staff was very friendly. The procedure was painless and the price was wonderful.
I am very proud to have such a clinic with the outstanding staff and service.
Thank You All!


Dear Hairline team!
Thank you all, of you for everything, I am so glad that I choose your clinic and came hare, I feel like home, your team is so nice to me, the time passed so quick even it was operation but I couldn"t feel that. I will advise to my people to come to your clinic and visit also your beautiful country. Thank you so much to every one . Specially my doctor Eka.
Thank all hairline team with whole my heart.
Didi madloba...


Thank you very very much for charging my life forever. From the moment I spoke to you on skype within when I got here I felt so much like at home. You have a lovely, caring family in your team, and i felt very comfortable with you all.
I look forward to visiting you again in the near future shoving you the wonderful work you have done.
Once again, thank you very much. Baldness is a very difficult thing to deal with at my age, and I thank god people like you are there to help me.
Thank You and God Bless.
Anjelo. :)

Dato, 60 years

I am very satisfied with the hair transplantation too.

Nugzari 38 years

When an appearance plays so much role foe a person, it is difficult to see every day in the mirror how your hair is being thinned and the forehead becomes wider. That’s why I underwent the first hair transplantation procedure several years ago. The second – after 2 years, the third one – not so much time ago. I do not like to set aside the things. But I cannot even compare the first and the last procedures. The operation was finished in several hours. The most amazing is that no scraps can be seen. Now I have so much hair I had not even when I was younger. I thank every doctor for their professionalism and tenderness, especially doctor Keti.

Zurab Dvali, 48 years

I faced alopecia when I was very young. For the age of 35 years I was almost bald-headed, I was hesitating for long time, then a friend of mine has advised me to come to your clinic. My doctor has planned the treatment plan, correctly explained to me the number of hair was to be transplanted in my case and what could be the probable result. The procedure ended without pain, after three days I returned to my usual activities. My hair grew longer; I did not even mention it. I really have made the right decision and today I am not bald any more.

Nona 42 years

My thinned hair was the main reason for stress in my life. I always avoided meeting relatives, colleagues; I could not go camping or resting with them. When I learnt about your clinic, I did not lose a minute, after the research we set the operation date. The procedure was not painful at all, I slept peacefully at night, I was waiting for my hair to grow up. First I was scared a bit, then my doctor has explained to me that the structure of the transplanted hair changes and gets improved during the whole year. Today I do not wear scarf on my head, I have no stress any more, as if I have never had thin hair.