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Service and pricing

Cost of the operation is determined by the transplantated grafts (transplantis unit) , by the contract terms and is finaly established during the consultation.

In our clinic we use American technologies, which requires big energy and requires attention during to the obtaining donor material, preparing the grafts and implantation. It also requires additional equipment and permanental retraing of the medical-staff.

However,prices in our clinic by both methods ( FUE and strip) are low compared to the other clinics of the world.


Hair transplantation using the  Strip method  - 1,5 $ USD for 1 graft.

Hair transplantation using the FUE method    -  2,0   $ USD for 1 graft.

Long Hair transplantation  - (LHT)                  -  2,0 $ USD for 1 graft.

Body Hair Transplantation – ( BHT)                -  2,0 $ USD for 1 graft.


Consultation is free.

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