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Hair spectral analyses on microelements – 

is a research concerning the human mineral profile via hair microelements and their concentration? During the whole growth period hair can collect information on the organism’s mineral metabolism. It mirrors the organism’s mineral deficit or surplus. With the research results we can set susceptibility to illness, its prophylaxis and treatment.

The hair follicle (root) does not have nutrition from outer world, its “building” material (food) comes from organism, its blood and then localizes in the hair. That’s why the human hair “records” information on the body’s mineral deficit, pollution with hard toxic elements or metabolism.

Using spectrogramm we can define a quantity of 20-40 microelements of the Mendeleev system.


Advantages of the research

it is non-invasive and non-traumatic; 

material is informative, 

with high diagnostic possibilities.

Minerals are included in the organic substance and come into the organism through the food, drinking water, sometimes via inhalations. If an organism cannot receive them enough or they are not duly assimilated, or on the contrary, toxic elements are extruded, then the organ function becomes distorted and a person gets ill with different diseases.

Due to the spectrogramm we can see the human feeding, outer conditions, bad habits, professional factors effects, stomach, kidney, digestive and endocrine system work, it helps us to conduct diagnose, prophylaxis and treatment the immune deficit, sugar diabetes, thyroid gland, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, disbacteriosis  and of course, the hair and nails.

In trichology the hair spectral analyses is laboratory diagnostics base.

   The spectrogramm conduction must be made in the case of hair falling out, bad growth, structure and brilliance defects. At the same time the mineral spectrum setting up is necessary for teenagers while their up-bringing, pregnant women and lactating women, often ill and people having emotional and physical loads. 

The spectrogram must be underwent by people feeding with only vegetarian food, living in the ecologically polluted environment and patients taking medicines for a long period of time. The analyses shows the organism’s inclination towards some medicines disbalanse or their toxic-affected diseases. Their prophylaxis and treatment is held.r construction

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