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About Us

14 years of successful experience

Irakli Bebiashvili, CEO of hair restoration therapeutic-scientific center Hairline International. co-founder of Hair Transplantology and Trichology Association of Georgia and of Hairline International. Member of the Association of Eurasian Trichologists, of the Acad. Gr. Mukhadze’s Surgeon Scientific Society, of the Georgian Endoscopic Association and American Association AHLA. Professional surgeon with 25 years of experience.

One of the “Hairline International” hair transplantation clinic founders is doctor of medical sciences professor T. Sh. Tamazashvili. The hair transplantation effectiveness was experienced by professor T. Sh. Tamazashvili on himself many years ago.  Then for the first time in Transcaucasia,  Tbilisi , (1997) he introduced the own hair transplantation technology, founded the “Talizi” clinic (named after his two daughters – Tamara and Lizi). Further, the world results in the hair transplantation field prof. T. Sh. Tamazashvili has enriched with his own many-year clinical researches and together with the new scientists team has founded the new hair transplantation clinic “Hairline International”, which is the world leader in the field, included in the ten better hair transplantation clinics in the world. 

Professor T. Sh. Tamazashvili is the author of more than hundred scientific works, 40 inventions, 6 scientific monographs. In 1989 he was awarded the state premium for advances in the science field.

Inventions, worked out by prof. T. Sh. Tamazashvili together with the American scientists are patented and entered in the world leading clinics. 

Professor T. Sh. Tamazashvili is elected member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, member of the World Association on the Hair Correction, member of the New York Science Academy. He is a participant of more than 60 scientific conferences in different countries. 

Today prof. T. Sh. Tamazashvili successfully works for the Organs and Tissues Transplantation Center in New York, USA. Concerning the transplantology advances the MTF has awarded  prof. T. Sh. Tamazashvili the highest award “Golden Glove” in 2005. 

Experienced and highly qualified doctors and 12 nurses work there for the “Hairline International”. 

Important is the fact that all the clinic workers have received specialized medical education and have the proper certificates. 

High professionalism of all our workers and 14 years of successful practice is the trustworthy guarantor of quality hair transplantation.

The “Hairline International” workers have contributed a lot to the development of the modern follicular microautotransplantation:

  1. The first  automated device for grafts extraction during the hair transplantation using FUE method was improved by professor T. Tamazashvili 
  2. Microapertures formation method was worked out, due to which the maximum depth and natural look of transplanted hair. 
  3. Only with help of 3-assistant-conveyor system, worked out by professor T. Tamazashvili, it is possible to conduct the wide-scale hair transplantation (more than 5000 grafts) for a short period of time (4-5 hours).
  4. Grafts preservation method, worked out by professor T. Tamazashvili, first was presented by report for the international conference on hair transplantation in America, new Orleans in 1997. Due to this method, the grafts survivability has maximally increased. Today the method is used in many clinics all over the world.
  5. Compressive-homeostatic method, worked out by professor T. Tamazashvili, made it possible to transplant a lot of hair in patients having risk  of bleeding (for example, low blood coagulability, hypertension, etc.).
  6. Together with French scientists there was worked out the original method on local anesthesia, due to which the procedure of hair transplantation is held absolutely painless and in the post-operation period the face swallow and bleeding is expelled. 
  7. The method of the microapertures control directly by the patient. All over the world there is no the method of direct control of the transplanted grafts by the patients, there is only the direct calculation, but there is also the method of microapertures number detection. For this purpose we use the registration technology of the local induction and deviations. The advantages of the technologies is that they exclude the necessity of conducting the electric current from head to the upper extremities, which is typical for the existing methods, the negative influence of them on the patients organism is not yet studied.
  8. In 2005 the Georgian Association of Trichologists and Hair Transplantation Surgeons was founded, the president of the Association is professor Tamaz (patronymic Shota) Tamazashvili. Founders: T. Sh. Tamazashvili, A. A. Makharashvili, I. S. Bebiashvili, K. ? Chuchulashvili, P. A. Makharashvili. 
  9. In 2005 in Tbilisi the scientific center of hair correction “Hairline International” and the Georgian Association of Trichologists and Hair Transplantation Surgeons have organized the first international congress named “The alopecia actual issues”. The congress has evoked great interest, especially for modern on foreign colleagues and original scientific research of the “Hairline International” clinic workers. Held were master-classes of surgical and non-surgical methods of hair correction. 
  10. November 27, 2006. Moscow. Report of professor A. A. Makharashvili in the Institute of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology. Thesis:”Optimization of time intervals of hair transplantation different stages concerning the grafts (follicles) morphological changes”. Study of tiny ultra structural changes of the follicle growing zone on the different stages of hair transplantation was held under the electronic microscope.  This research has the possibility to increase the survivability of hair after their transplantation practically up to 100 %. 
  11. Doctors of the “Hairline International” clinic together with the Moscow joint clinic colleagues have patented their hair transplantation unique methodology on the Russian Federation territory. 
  12. In December 2008 the company “RobbinsInstruments, Inc.”, the world largest company producing and selling the equipment of the hair transplantation instruments, has awarded the “Hairline International” clinic the recognition certificate to underline its important scientific and practical contribution to the hair transplantation development. In the nomination there were clinics of Europe and America. 
  13. On October 5, 2010 the presentation was held on the monograph of one of the “Hairline International” clinic founders professor Tamaz (patronymic Shota) Tamazashvili “New Concepts in Physiology of the Hair Follicle and Etio-Pathogenesis Pattern Alopecia”. In the book shown was the many-year scientific- practical experience and we can proudly say that several results for many scientists became the sensational discovery. Purely were shown the physiological aspects of cyclical growth of hair, and most important, enlightened was the etio-pathogenesis of the androgenetic alopecia development. 
  14. On 18.10.2010 on the scientific board of the state Institute of the Doctors qualification improvement of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation the dissertation defense was held of our clinic’s doctor Papaskiri Diana (patronymic Guladi) in competition for the scientific degree of medical science candidate. Thesis: “Surgical treatment of patients having cicatrical defects of the head fibrous part”. The dissertation solves the actual problem of cicatrical alopecia treatment.  The work has studied the morphological structure of the cicatrical tissue before and after the hair transplantation, clearly are defined the prescriptions for transplantation of hair in the cicatrical tissues and scientifically is described the hair treatment from alopecia. Shown is that the hair survivability after the transplantation of grafts to the cicatrical tissue of fibrous part of the head, was in average 93-95%. 
  15. In 2011 in the “Hairline International” clinic created was the very first, unique in the world automated device for formation of microapertures in the process of hair transplantation.  The device gives the opportunity to control the depth, direction and thickness of the microapertures, this in its turn favors the best natural result of transplanted hair. For this invention the patent is received. 
  16. In 2012 the “Hairline International” clinic of hair transplantation has won the annual ceremony awarding the Georgian clinics in nomination “Reputation and Trust”. We have always been oriented to result and we are pleased the Georgian society has assessed our work.