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Questions and Answers

Hello, I am a 23 years old girl, I want to ask you why my hair does not grow, can you help me? Thank you in advance.
Without consultation we cannot say anything. You can come to the clinic and undergo the consultation. Registration on telephone: 230 00 30.
My assessment of the highly professional staff of the “Hairline International” clinic is honest and objective. If I was nihilistic about the hair transplantation procedure first, after the operation the result has shocked me a lot. The staff treated me very friendly and firsthand. Every little detail was explained to me in very qualified way. I am sure, they have ensured many people in psychological and moral way, they change the proper image with the better one. I address to all men: do not hesitate, do not grudge your time, energy, wish and financial means in order to get greatest satisfaction and change the look for the better. The “Hairline International” friends, thank you so much for all you have done for me. I wish you to bring joy to many people.
I want to get my hair thickened on my nape, how much it will cost?
Without consultation we cannot say anything. You can contact us using e-mail, Skype or telephone (230 00 30) or come to the consultation, the consultation is free of charge.
Hello, I am 16 years old, my hair is thin and I want to thicken them, what is to be done then and how much it will cost. Thank you in advance.
Do not be lazy, come to our clinic or contact us via the Skype.
Hello, I am 32 years old man. Please tell me what is the reason for separate round alopecia on head, who can help me?
Probably it is a alopecia areata, come to the clinic and undergo the dermatologist’s consultation.
I am on one-month holiday now. Can I restore my hair during this time?
The transplantation procedure (operation) takes one day and then 20 days after the operation the transplanted hair (not the hair follicles) begins to fall out. After one month from the transplantation no operation traces can be noticed. The hair begins to grow after 2-3 months. The first result can be seen after 6 months. Additional questions can be given at tel: 230 00 30.
I am a young boy of 21 years. I have long hair till shoulder-blades. Over the forehead my hair became thin, dry and like besom, it grows slowly, on the rest part there is a normal wavy hair. How can I give the form to the hair?
Come to our clinic, we will find the reason of your hair changes and then draw up the restoration plan.
I have the local alopecia, I have been in many places and no result. Can anyone give me advice should I undertake the full course and how much will it cost,
Alopecia is pathologic condition, when people loose their hair. According to the reasons and the clinical conditions they say there is androgenetic, diffusion (symptom), heath, cicatrical (from traumas, burns, post operationally) alopecia. All these diseases are treated differently. Accordingly, our clinic uses all the methods and means, stipulated by modern standards in medicine (the hair transplantation – the Strip method, the method of follicle unit extraction FUE method, mesotherapy, physiotherapy, microelements spectrometry, trichoscopy, etc.)
In case of correctly set diagnosis and the adequate treatment the hair fall can be stopped with good results.
The cost of the treatment can be defined only after the consultation. Call on 230 00 30 and undergo the dermatologist’s consultation.
After what time the traces will be covered and after what time one can have the extreme and physical load?
In 8-10 days of the procedure the transplantation effect is unnoticeable. Hard physical load can be undertaken 3 weeks (for the Strip method case), light – in one week.
Do you plan sale for the Strip method?
The summer 20% sale concerns both methods of transplantation.
What is the price of the service?
The transplantation price depends on the hair and only during consultation we can give the right answer.
Can I decrease the forehead by transplantation of hair, how much will it cost?
Men and women often address me to decrease the forehead. The grafts number will be defined on the consultation, some have high forehead, some - no. Consultation is free of charge.
Hello, my hair is weakened, I am 21 years old boy, I must undergo the micro elements analyses and will my hair look better after the transplantation?
The micro elements deficit is not developed independently, often is conditioned by different diseases. The analyses give us the opportunity to see which disease (endocrine, stomach or other) can be the reason.
I am the 30 year old man, my hair is fatty, is it the reason the hair falls? The hair is thinned, give me some advice. Thank you in advance.
The fat seborrhea can cause the hair alopecia, to regulate it you can use the special shampoo, come and the dermatologist will consult you.
Is the mesotherapy effective? Maybe plasmolifting is better?
What is better in your case the doctor will decide, come and the dermatologist will consult you.
After the Strip method transplantation is the symmetry changed on the nape?
Very small skin strip is taken during the Strip method transplantation, so it cannot change the skin symmetry.
Hello, can the alopecia be caused by often brushing the hair when it is whet or dry, I am 22 yers old and I have mentioned the hair begins to fall out in the forehead area. Can you stop non-androgenic alopecia?
It is desirable to brush hair when it is dry, as for the alopecia stoppage: for treatment of all types of alopecia, including the androgenic one, there are different methods. in our clinic we use all these methods stipulated by the modern standards, methods and means.
Correctly set diagnosis and the adequate treatment the hair fall out can give successful results.
Hello, I am interested, is there your branch in Batumi? I live in Ajaria and it would be more comfortable for me not to come to Tbilisi. Thank you.
At the moment we have no branches in Batumi, but we plan to open one there. You can contact me via Skype or visit the website, or call on the phone: 032 230 00 30.
How many times can I use the Strip hair transplantation method? Will the scars be noticeable in the nape?
The Strip method of the hair transplantation usage can be defined according by the skin mobility. In all cases the suture is made on one place only.
Hi, in the middle part of my head I have the pain even when hair is washed; the nape and side are not painful, what can be the reason?
This is the skin microcirculation (blood circulation) violation. You can come to our clinic and undergo the dermatologist consultation.
7 months ago I have transplanted the hair, is every hair grown or it will still continue to grow?
The final result of the transplantation will be seen after one year.